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Solar Storage Tanks

Different solar heating systems require different heat storage tanks. In every case the tank needs to hold the heat when the sun doesn't shine and provide back up heat from another water heating source.

The SolVelox makes it easy to transform any electric water heater into a solar storage tank. The existing heating element provides electric back up heat and modern water heaters lose very little heat over the course of the night. The American Premier Water Heater has an optional T&P port making it the ideal for a quick installation.

Another great option for a SolVelox Drainback or Glycol system is the Rheem Solaraide Tank . Rheem solar tanks have 4 ports with built in solar dip tubes and sensor wire. The Rheem Solaraide tanks are also available with wrap around heat exchangers. The coil wraps around the interior tank provide effective double wall heat exchanger.



Solar Storage Tank