Solar Differential Controls

SOLARHOT Advanced Control

Full featured differential control capable of handling multiple loads and energy monitoring

6 inputs, 3 outputs with SD card for data logging
• up to 5 Temperature sensors (PT1000 type) – 3 included with control
• Choice of collector sensor location (external or internal to collector)
• 2 Analog Grundfos sensor inputs (Flow and Pressure)
• 1 Impulse flow meter input (for energy measurement)
• 2 Pump outputs (Standard or variable speed)
• 1 Extra output (to control back-up heat, heat dump…)


Steca controls

The Steca model TR 0301 U differential temperature control provides automatic, safe and reliable operation of domestic solar water heating systems. The TR 0301 U output is wired to a pump that circulates the heat transfer fluid between the solar thermal collectors and the storage tank during the course of the day. This microprocessor-based TR 0301 U utilizes two RTD (resistance temperature detector) type sensors to monitor collector and tank temperatures with digital accuracy. The LCD gives the homeowner a variety of real time information including steca system temperatures at up to three separate locations.

0301U Spec Sheet
0301U Manual
0502U Spec Sheet
0603U Spec Sheet
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Goldline Pool Controls

Goldline®'s GL-235 is the country's leading automatic solar controller and is designed for easy dependable operation. The unit's microprocessor-based technology ensures reliable and accurate performance. Simply set the controls for the desired pool temperature and the unit will heat your pool whenever there is enough solar heat available. Goldline's solar controller can also be programmed to cool your pool on hot summer evenings and to protect against freezing. The unit comes complete with a 3-way motorized diverter valve and a water panel sensor. The diverter valve is set up to 2" diameter plumbing and is 110/220v convertible.

Add America's most reliable automatic solar controller to your solar system with Goldline's GL-235 Controller. Backed by a 5-Year Limited Warranty. Available with optional digital display and time clock.

automatic solar controller