SolVelox- Convert Electric Water Heater into Solar Thermal Heater

The SolVelox converts any existing water heating system into a solar water heating system.



High performance collectors are only half of the equation. The key to an effective solar water heating system lies in pulling the heat out of the collectors and putting it into your tank. The SolVelox does this better than any other freeze-protected system on the market.


Optimized for performance and a low profile look. All valves, controls and cleaning ports fit neatly in one easy-to-maintain package.

Labor Saving

It's quick and easy to install. Once the collectors are mounted on the roof, it is just a question of running the insulated lines and connecting to the SolVelox. It's that simple!

Product Information (right click to download):
Spec Sheet
SolVelox Drainback manual
SolVelox Glycol manual
Drainback piping diagram
Glycol piping diagram
SolVelox Drainback Warranty
SolVelox Glycol Warranty