Large Commercial Solar Storage Tanks

Solar water heating systems almost always require some kind of thermal storage for solar heated water. Tanks used in solar water heating systems are available in two basic types: pressurized and atmospheric.

Pressurized tanks, constructed of stainless steel or welded steel with a baked-on glass liner, are made to withstand city water pressure without rupturing. Polyurethane foam insulation is used in between the metal skin and interior tank to minimize heat loss.

Atmospheric tanks are basically just non-pressurized containers to hold solar heated water. Since they are not completely sealed from the surrounding atmosphere, they should be well insulated. An atmospheric tank that is filled beyond its capacity will overflow. In addition, atmospheric tanks will lose water through evaporation. A variety of materials are used in the construction of atmospheric and include stainless steel, EPDM lined steel, EPDM lined wood, polypropylene and fiberglass. Tank costs and longevity vary with material selection.

A two tank solar water heating system consists of a solar storage tank (it can be atmospheric or pressurized) and a pressurized backup tank. A one tank solar water heating system uses a pressurized tank which serves both as the solar storage tank and the backup water heater.

Simply stated, when using an atmospheric solar storage tank in your design, heat from the collectors is delivered first to the atmospheric tank, then on to the pressurized tank. When no atmospheric tank is used in the design, with only a pressurized tank, the solar heat can be sent directly to the one pressurized tank.

What ever your application, we can supply pressurized tanks, ASME tanks, custom stainless steel atmospheric tanks and EPDM lined tanks.


Spec Sheet for Custom Stainless Steel Tanks