Energy Savings from Tankless Water Heaters?

We frequently hear people talk about how “green” their home is because they have a tankless water heater. Check out this interesting article at

3 thoughts on “Energy Savings from Tankless Water Heaters?

  1. After what i read in this post and what the comments where saying it is totally uneconomical to spent so much money on investment that will be returnable for a period of 21 to 71 years.

    • It depends on your point of view. Water heaters are typically a consumable product with no return on investment. Lower energy options have other cost savings when we consider the effects on our environment. Solar a far greater impact on the environment and have a much faster return on investment, typically 3-10 years, so we consider solar to be far better.

  2. Solar has a great return on investment. 3-10 years is a short wait for the amount of money you will save and the impact it will have on the power grid. Scientists are working hard on making it more cost efficient and easier to use. The future or solar is alive and well.

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